Stuebben Saddlery to Sponsor Silva

Silva and Aesthete
Winning with the New Stuebben Saddle at 2011 Dressage at Devon

I am very excited to announce a new sponsorship from Stuebben Saddlery! I worked for Rudolf Zeilinger in Germany and that’s all he rode in, so I am very familiar with Stuebben saddles. They have a new model called the Genesis D Special and it’s really comfortable and close-contact so I can feel the horse. I’m really excited that I have a new partnership and the thing I most enjoy is that my horse’s backs are so much better since I started riding them.

The company is old-school and fits the saddle to each horse. Especially for people with back problems or fitting problems, Stuebben has been around for a long time and they really know how to make a saddle fit. I have a bad back like most riders and the Biomex seat really helps my back.

The other thing I find is that their customer service is outstanding; if there’s anything
wrong they’ll come get the saddle, adjust the fit and get it right back. Even when I went to Chicago they picked it up Monday and by Wednesday I had the new saddle in Chicago – that’s really impressive.

I feel like a lot of people kind of decided Stuebben didn’t go with the times, and they are not as popular as they used to be, but with this new saddle I really feel they’ve stepped up their game and it’s very comfortable for horse and rider.

My contact at Stuebben is Keith Brooks – he’s a big help and I’m very impressed with him. He’s amazing with people and very thorough, making sure everybody is happy. To contact Keith about a new saddle for you and your horse please contact him at 804-690-8002.


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