Support the Bromont Three-Day Event in Canada!

It looks like this year one of North America’s greatest events is going to evolve into one of the world’s greatest: the Bromont three-day in Canada is one of my favorite events in the world and by the look of their promo video they’re making it bigger and better than ever. You truly feel you’re in a different country at Bromont, the site of the Montreal Olympics, as all the commentary and street signs are in French and you’re competing against a lot of the Canucks you’ve never met before. It’s a fun atmosphere with a true three-day event feel, with excellent footing and a well-built course. They’ve put a couple million dollars into it in the past year and the stadium for dressage and show jumping is now one of the better arenas worldwide.
I’m looking forward to competing there again; at the moment I’ve got a couple of horses I’m considering taking to the 2011 event. Winning the three-star there is one of my goals since in 2008 I won the two-star on Galileo and in 2010 I won the one-star on Minotaure du Passoir, so it’s my goal to complete the Trifecta!

Please take a moment to watch this video sent to me by my good mate from Canada, Peter Barry.


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