Swan Lake Jumper Show

Yesterday I went to the Swan Lake jumper show in Western Pennsylvania with Santos, Eddie, Shamwari and Kyra and competed the horses in the 1.20m and the 1.30m jumpers.
Santos – I thought he jumped really well in the 1.20. I made a mistake with my position coming out of the last combination and we had the back rail down because I sat up too early. This phase is Santos weaker phase, and I believe we are making good progress.  I feel like he is getting stronger and more careful; the Bromont Three-Day Event in Canada next month will be a good test.
Eddie – Eddie jumped terribly at Jersey last week and I was really disappointed.  I changed my warm up with him and jumped about 30 warm up fences until I made him tired.  I really took him on, making sure I did not have a fresh horse in the ring, and I think it worked.  He jumped great in the 1.20, then I went slow in the jump off. He had one fence down in the 1.30, finishing 6th, but I was very pleased with him.
Shammie – the old campaigner was a champ in the 1.30. He jumped in great form and style and he jumped a clear round.  I think it was important to show him a bigger track before Luhmuehlen, since I have been protecting him at the smaller classes at the horse trials. I chose not to do the jump off, as there was no need to wear him out (he swam for 16 minutes the night before and was still a little tired), but he still finished 3rd as there were not many clears.
Kyra – the spicy redhead jumped fantastic in the 1.30. She is such an awesome show jumper, I felt like a proper jumping rider. It was a big course, and she jumped it with ease. I decided to have a crack atthe jump off and she won the class by 3 seconds!
It was a good day, and well worth the effort. Below is the video:
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