Syndicate Member Fernanda Kellogg checks in from Luhmuehlen

I took these photos this morning when Phillip and Boyd were working with David O'Connor.  
All of the horses have settled in well and everyone's spirits are good. The jog up is later today, so I will send more photos. The owners who will be cheering Boyd will be George and Gretchen Wintersteen, Gloria Callen, Anne Laver, Steve Blauner and myself. Not everyone has arrived yet. -Fernanda

Emma Ford videoing Phillip Dutton on Mighty Nice

Lindsey Taylor and Shamwari

Silva Martin and Bettina Hoy

L-R: Augie Vettorino, Evie Dutton, Silva Martin and Gloria Callen watching horses work
Boyd and Shamwari after training session with David O’Connor

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