Otis Barbotiere to Semi-Retire at Windurra USA

Earlier this year, Tricia Boone called me and said that my 2012 Olympic partner Otis Barbotiere wasn’t doing too much at his new home in Kentucky.  He had a great career in the jumpers with both Catie and Ali Boone, but was ready for retirement. Tricia said that she was looking for a home for the old boy, and I jumped at the chance to take him back and give him a home at Windurra. When he arrived at the farm, I must say that he looked amazing. The Boone family had Otis in magnificent condition. Read more...

Windurra Eventers Migrating North

The Windurra Eventing crew is back home in Pennsylvania and happy to dig in to work here on the farm. In hindsight we were very lucky that we decided to enter so many horses at the Pine Top Spring Horse Trials in Georgia last weekend. Pine Top is one of my favorite events, it’s got a beautiful cross country course: good footing, open, galloping courses and a well-designed track. Between Mike, me and a large portion of our staff we ran most of  the horses our barn. A few of the mature horses Read more...

Starting the Young Horses Right By the first of November all of the major events are done and dusted and I give the bulk of the upper level horses a good month’s vacation. This is a well-deserved rest from the hard, focused training and relentless competition schedule that starts in February. This also means a little less work at the farm since the upper level horses are so time-consuming, so we also use this time to give our staff a holiday intermittently This is also a good time to break in Read more...
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