Video: Boyd and Phillip Live From Rio on EventingNation

Throwback Thursday: Racing Video of Blackfoot Mystery

We’ve managed to dig up footage of Blackfoot Mystery in action – at the racetrack! He’s #10 (purple silks), and his odds were 40-1. Who would have bet that he’d be heading to the 2016 Olympic Games!

Rio Prep: Red and Shadow Schooling Cross Country Jumps in the Arena After Great Meadow I had a long drive home after a disappointing cross country round with a glance-off at the double corner on Blackfoot Mystery. When something doesn’t go to plan, you ask yourself a million questions like, ‘did he misread the fence?’, ‘did I ride incorrectly?’ or ‘have I focused too much on dressage and show jumping and forgot about the all important cross country?’. I think it was a bit of all three of those issues, but lucky for me Read more...

Thoughts on Olympic Selection

Boyd is back in the USA and has had a couple of days to let it sink in that he's heading to Rio this summer. Here are his thoughts: I was nervously waiting in Germany for the phone to ring on Monday. I knew I was in with a good chance on Blackfoot Mystery, but you obviously never know what the selectors are thinking. I was very pleased and thankful that Red and I got the call-up. He’s been in sterling form this year and I really feel like we’re on track to put in a personal best performance Read more...
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