The August 2020 Update: It Takes A Village at Windurra USA

I’ve obviously had a frustrating year this year, with a couple of surgeries on my hips and groin muscle. My body has had years and years of wear and tear and I had to get a bit of repair work: I had scar tissue that had calcified and turned into bone that they had to extract, and while they had me opened up they shaved off some bone spurs as well. Basically it’s been like a sharp sword tearing the muscle for the past five years and I just kept working through the pain. I have been doing consistent Read more...

Happy News on a Monday in 2020

There's a lot of depressing news in the world at the moment, but we have an uplifting story to share this morning. Following the barn fire at True Prospect Farm in 2011, Kate Rakowski was perusing the online benefit auction online and purchased a breeding to Ronald Zabala-Goetschel's show jumping stallion, Wonderboy. She shared the heartwarming story about how her mare "Cattitude" (we couldn't love this name more!), aka "Kissa", came to be in a blog on in 2018: We're Read more...
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