Tax Deductible Relief Fund

The following tax deductible relief fund has been set up through our friends at SCES, a national organization based out of Southern California, who supports our sport.  This relief fund is a general fund set up to help everyone at Windurra LLC and True Prospect Farm, as well as our owners and riders who have been impacted by this tragedy.  Please help us spread the word by making a donation and then sending out the link to all of your friends & equestrian contacts.  

Once again we’d like to help everyone who has sent their best wishes and volunteered to help us during these trying times.  Samantha Lendl will be writing a formal press release from PRO and distributing that with upcoming fundraising efforts as well.  Thank you again to the entire eventing community for your support.

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  1. what tragedy are you speaking of. I don’t want to assume anything.


  2. If you read previous postings on the blog, there was a barn fire last night. Check the rest of the blog for more information.

  3. Anonymous says

    Oh my gosh… I am so sorry. How can we help?
    From San Diego, CA

  4. You can help by donating to the fund mentioned in this post, or by donating to an online auction being organized by the Professional Riders Organization. More information on this at or later today on this blog.

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