Team Training Sessions in Aiken and Neville’s Celebrity

We had another successful training session this week, with all four of the four-star horses, Remi, Nev, Otis and Thomas getting to jump with Lauren Hough, and my up-and-coming two-star horse Crackerjack, (pictured above), owned by Lucy Boynton and Colin Davidson, also getting to take part this time. Capt. Phillips also helped us immensely with the dressage.

NBC sent a camera crew down to do some filming for a piece to air pre-Olympics, and Neville especially is getting used to the limelight with the cameras taking in everything from getting a bath to eating his dinner. So far Nev hasn’t let this celebrity status go to his head too much and a good roll in the dirt followed by a wind sucking session are still key to his happiness.

Last night we had a BBQ at Bridle Creek to celebrate the birthdays of Head Groom Lindsey Taylor and Assistant rider Sara Gumbiner, and everyone had a great time. I can’t say enough good things about these two young women and all that they do for the horses and to help me keep my business going. A very happy birthday to them both!

The birthday girls


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