Thank You Purina & Oxford Feed and Lumber!

The Crew at Oxford Feed & Lumber!

This past Tuesday, Purina and Oxford Feed and Lumber, hosted a fun evening at the Stone Barn, with Boyd and Silva!  The whole family at Oxford Feed and Lumber did a knock out job getting ready for the evening, setting up the room with great decorations, some yummy food, and of course their full line of Purina products!

The room was packed with local supporters, and a lot of new faces.  It’s so enjoyable to see a different crowd of people come out to support Boyd, Silva and their sponsors!  We even had a good show from the younger generation, with plenty of adoring little girls hanging on Boyd’s every word during his speech!  We’ve got our next set of up & coming eventers on hand.

Photo Credits Jennie Brown!

Boyd did an ace job talking about he and Silva’s arrival in the US and the history of their business.  He also spoke about his Olympic experience and how the US could benefit from breeding and producing higher level horses here in the states.  After his talk the audience was encouraged to ask questions, and their was no shortage of an exchange between Boyd and the audience.   It was a lively evening!

We’d like to thank Purina and Oxford Feed and Lumber for a fun filled evening.  They are wonderful sponsors and instrumental in the success of Boyd and Silva’s business and training program.  Their full line of feed and supplements help keep all the horses in top form, and we look forward to helping promote their new line of products (which is to be revealed shortly).  Stay tuned!!

They also did a wonderful job with their photos.  Enjoy!

Photo Credits Oxford Feed & Lumber

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