Thank You to the National Bank of Malvern

I must say that Coronavirus is having an effect on everyone around the world and Silva and I are grateful to be surrounded by supportive owners, sponsors and employees.

Last week the US Government released 2 trillion dollars partly to help small businesses like ours pay the salaries of our employees. Like most equestrian businesses, Windurra qualified for this wonderful Payroll Protection Program to help offset the loss we’re all feeling. The only catch was your bank had to lodge the application to receive the grant. As you could imagine the whole system went on overload: all of the customers on the big banks were stuck on hold, being tortured with automated recordings. From what I understand the large portion of small businesses are still struggling to lodge their applications.

Over the years, Silva and I have had the wonderful privilege of being clients of the National Bank of Malvern. This is an incredible, smaller bank that has made our dream of owning our own property here in Pennsylvania a reality. Whilst all the big banks in America looked down on our sporadic income, the National Bank of Malvern ponied up and has backed us all the way. All of the massive projects here at Windurra have been made possible by this wonderful bank. The majority of professional event riders like Phillip Dutton and Ryan Wood are also clients of the National Bank of Malvern.

This morning I received a phone call from one of the bank owners, Lydia Bartholomew, (seated, in photo at right), who personally contacted clients like me and Woodzy, letting us know that we are some of the first businesses in America to have this wonderful grant approved. I know for a fact that Lydia had all of her bank workers still in the office until well past Midnight on Sunday ensuring all of their customers had their applications lodged.  This is just one incredible example of one of the benefits of working with a smaller bank where everyone knows your name.

Both Silva and I have a massive spring in our stride today after hearing the good news from the National Bank of Malvern. Part of us also feels terrible for the millions of people who are still sitting on their phones, on hold hour after hour, trying to lodge their own applications with these much larger, nationwide banks.

Thank you National Bank of Malvern and all of the hard-working staff there who have been working around the clock to ensure all of their customers have every opportunity to receive funding that is available.



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