Thanksgiving Day Hunting

Thanksgiving day this year was once again a fantastic day out hunting here in Pennsylvania. The Cheshire Hounds Thanksgiving Day Fox Hunt has become a favorite day on my yearly calendar. This year I anticipated a challenging day of jumping, so I came well mounted. I pulled out the seasoned 4-star campaigner and veteran field hunter, Remington XXV to tackle the famous Cheshire country.

Gretchen Wintersteen (left) with Boyd on Remi

Since competing Remi at Boekelo in the Netherlands in late October, he had a few weeks off, then came back in to gentle work. I hunted him alongside his owners, Ron and Densey Juvonen, once a week in the second and third field for him to get the understanding of hunting again during the past month.

We had a fantastic day out, where we got to gallop and jump along with all sorts of members of the community. There were famous huntsmen, jockeys, racing trainers, land owners, businessmen and women and equine enthusiasts among the riders. Legendary race trainer Michael Dickerson chose to join the hunt on foot, a number of times overtaking me with lightning speed!

I have a new level of appreciation and respect for Stuart Malone, who took an almighty crash at a three-railer. I was expecting the hunt to call in the Medics, but Stuart chose to walk it off, re-mounting and continuing the hunt. Gladiatorial stuff!

I spent the majority of the hunt just off the pace, enjoying the action with some friends in the beautiful weather. I stayed with a fun group of riders including Katie Walker and her son Harry, (Brewster’s owners), Dave Leinhauser,(fox hunter genius trainer of all time), Neville Bardos Syndicate members Ron & Densey Juvonen, Gretchen Wintersteen, race rider and former Cheshire Whip Nial Malloy and Unionville super vet Peter Blauner.

Silva watching the hounds in action

Without doubt, we are very lucky to have such wonderful open country in this area: a fantastic way to spend Thanksgiving day.


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  1. How fantastic to see Remi enjoying a day out. Wonderful!

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