The Long Road to Kentucky

Team USA: Boyd, Becky, Phillip, and Karen with Joanie Morris of the USEF

I had a marathon trip to get to Kentucky yesterday after the jog-up, which was successful for all 16 members, the riders all started driving to Kentucky. I drove with Karen and 2 hours into the trip her truck started making gurgling noises and we were soon to break down. After waiting with a Georgia mechanic we were picked up by Allison Springer, who shortly after that had a flat tire on her truck, so what should have been a five-hour drive turned into a 13-hour drive.

Getting checked in

I managed to fall into bed at 3am; at 6:30 morning we went through the athlete processing at the KHP and were issued our US team uniforms, and at 7:30 the horses arrived.

Arrival at the KHP

Neville apparently knew where he was as his ears were pricked and he looked ready for war.


Neville’s settled in nicely

We spent the morning unloading the thousands of pounds of equipment we’ll be needing for the event. It’s great to be here; I saw a lot of my old friends from Australia who are on the Australian team, and team and there’s a huge, electric buzz around the Horse Park.

In the Stables

I plan to give Nev a light ride today to settle and relax him and then Phillip and I are going to Cathy Wieschhoff’s farm to give Tru luck and Remington some work just in case. The opening ceremony starts at 7:00 tonight and we will parade in our team uniform of cowboy boots and hats. More photos to come!


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