The Real Neville Bartos

This is a youtube video clip from a movie about the real Neville Bartos. It is actually taken from the movie ‘Chopper’, which is a story that revolves around two of Australia’s most notorious gangsters: Mark Brandon ‘Chopper’ Read and Neville Bartos. Neville is a real life gangster in Australia that is currently in serving a sentence in prison.

When I bought the 3-year-old Thoroughbred gelding off the racetrack in Australia for $800, he reminded me of this character. Neville the horse has one crazy white eye, and is always hyped up and looking for action like the real life character. I thought I would play it safe and change Nev’s surname to Bardos, though, just in case the real life gangster made it out of the slammer one day and came looking for me for ripping off his name.

Warning…. Neville does use some explicit words in this clip!


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