The Style Police: Luhmuehlen Fashion Roundup with Silva

in his super-German outfit. Not my style, but very appropriate!
I really enjoyed the trip to Luhmuehlen, and thanks to Fernanda KelloggI have lots of
 photos of some fashion trends from the event.  I don’t think it’s all that different from here, but loud colors are definitely a trend in Germany right now. My style is pretty simple, I don’t like too many bright and trendy things and I personally would stay away from too much color and flashiness but that’s my style. Tastes are different, and of course in the warm-up everything goes.
Some people went too crazy in the jog, in my opinion.  There are those who don’t make enough of an effort, but you don’t have to go all-out either, and keeping it simple is always appropriate.
I didn’t see a lot of bling, and that’s another place where a little is good but it’s easy to go over the top with it. You also want to be careful not to point out flaws by sticking bling on them!
I was happy to see that loads of people were wearing helmets in the dressage. It’s really changing in Germany, not too long ago, hardly any riders wore helmets in dressage, but now most people are wearing them. Fancy-looking helmets are getting big in Europe. I saw a lot of shinier helmets over there, which you don’t see as often in the US. Style wise I think the helmet definitely has to be matching your outfit, whichever style helmet you choose. Schooling at home you can go wild, but in the competition ring I think it’s best to coordinate with your outfit. Our sponsor Charles Owen will make whatever you want, color-wise!


Kevin McNab, who was best man when Boyd and I got married, looks super sharp in his suit at the jog.
Czech team polo shirts. Simply stylish
Ingrid Klimke tastefully displays her sponsors’ info on her shadbelly
I saw lots of shiny, colorful helmet trends in Germany
British team jacket
Spotted these super shiny alligator boots in the schooling arena.
Of course Ariat provided team USA with some stylish jackets
Things are getting colorful in the dressage arena!
Lauren Hough showed up to help the American riders with the show jumping. She always looks simple and elegant.
Chic black and white jog outfit
Bettina’s look is simple and elegant. This is very much my style. She always looks great!
Tails are coming in so many colors now, you can choose anything you like.
Charles Owen makes more than helmets for countries, they also make pretty much everything one could want! Bettina is styling the German colors.
Ingrid Klimke sporting her German Charles Owen ensemble. Very classy!
Of course Phillip looked sharp when he presented Mighty Nice
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