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Theault Horse Boxes

tadium International Trucks, an official US distributor of THEAULT Horse Boxes, is proud to support Boyd and Silva Martin.

Boyd and Silva are thrilled to be driving their new THEAULT Morpheus, which provides safe, compact and comfortable transportation for 2 horses with a cabin that can be conformed to either day or night living. Horses travel rear facing in the Morpheus which has proven to be less stressful and they love the convenience of a hauling vehicle which doesn’t require daily hook up. They find the interior to be very luxurious and every amenity has been very well thought out. They viewed the horses on the monitor as they shipped down to Aiken & the horses shipped perfectly. The cab chasis is so powerful that they were able to hook up their 2 horse trailer to the back and haul 4 from Cochranville to Aiken in style!!

Established in 1924 by Emile Theault in the Normandy town of Avranches, the company began life as a constructor of horse drawn carriages, livestock carriers and delivery trucks. With Normandy being in the heart of France’s Horse country, Theault’s focus turned to Horse transportation and in the 1950’s the company chose to specialize entirely in this field.

Great Theault-America video coverage at The Fork!


Theault America – Boyd Martin at the Fork… by MisterYuWin

In 1961 THEAULT produced the first ever compact 2-stall rear-facing horse van, a design template for which has influenced many other aspiring manufacturers. With an evolving reputation for innovation and quality, THEAULT quickly secured their place as pioneers in the design and development of horse vans, which is seen today in THEAULT’s international distribution throughout the World.

In 1998 THEAULT produced the first rear facing aluminum van, providing a more economical and durable vehicle with improvements such as sliding rail partitions, quick release breast bars and crash tested bulkheads. This quality and attention to detail has helped capture business from Olympic riders, Champion racehorse trainers, professional horse transporters, Police forces and even Armies throughout the world. In 2010, THEAULT built a fleet of ten 9-stall trucks for Dubai’s magnificent Meydan project!

Stadium International Trucks, an official distributor of THEAULT vans in the USA, has been in business for over 28 years selling International, Hino, Mitsubishi and Ottawa Trucks. Stadium’s desire to continue their product line growth resulted in the acquisition of a Theault franchise in 2011, and they are excited to bring THEAULT’s unrivaled history of high quality and safety conscious horse transportation to the United States.

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