Three Clean Cross-Country Rounds at Rolex!

Neville was the trailblazer today and proved that he was a seasoned cross-country horse. He cruised around the cross-country course under the optimum time, hardly raising a sweat. He pulled up well and looks in pretty good nick for the show jumping tomorrow.

Remington proved all the critics wrong today and raced around the course like a true four-star horse. He even surprised me with plenty left in the tank at the end of the course. Surprisingly enough he felt like a seasoned campaigner that’s been doing this all his life.

My last ride of the day was Rock on Rose, who flew around the course and felt a little bit green at some of the trickier combinations but never gave me a moment where I felt she needed to quit. We were held on the course after the seven-minute mark while Oliver Townsend was airlifted after his fall. It was a little bit hard to get a good rhythm going as two fences after our hold was the treacherous Quarry. She gave all she had the whole way around and easily finished under the time.

All three horses look sound and fresh and we’re hoping for the best tomorrow with good show jumping rounds.


Photos Copyright Amber Heintzberger, please request permission at before copying.

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