Tornado Survival, then Showing Style and Class in the Trot Up.

It was a very unusual day here at the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event. The Wednesday of this event is usually spent on fine tuning some of the dressage test, then presenting our horses for the first horse inspection. However, after an early morning ride at 6:45 that went very well, the Tornado warning sirens started screaming.
We were instructed to gather all of the horses down in the Alltech indoor stadium. This stadium is usually used for the reining horses, but today it was the bunker for around 55 horses, riders, and officials. We were held in there for about an hour and a half until the storm passed. The trot up started soon after that.

In the past, certain people have been slightly critical of my dress sense and taste in clothing for the trot-up, but this year I had plenty of help from top fashion gurus, and my get-up this year included a Dick Tracey hat, supplied by Jane Hottensen from “Folly” in Aiken; button-up dress shirt & slacks by Bill Thomas from “Bills Khakis” in PA; and Italian brown dress shoes borrowed from my Aiken roommate Nick Meyers
Not only did I look the part, Remington looked awesome at the trot up thanks to my new groom Lindsey Taylor. He also looks fit as a fiddle and in good spirits!

My dressage is on about 1:45 tomorrow. I think I will give Remia light ride in the morning to loosen him up. Looking to Saturday, the cross-country course looks long, big and technical.


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