Trading Aces Leads After Dressage at Millbrook Horse Trials

It was good to be back on the big horses once again, with four competing in the advanced at Millbrook Horse Trials in NY. Oscar put in a great test to lead the division; I think Silva’s dressage training and showing with him has been especially helpful. He was focused and in front of the leg even though it was slashing rain during our test. This is our first event since Rolex Kentucky and my ankle surgery, and we are both excited to be back eventing together. The plan is for him to march around the advanced here and make sure he is bursting with confidence before we head up to Richland Park.

Photo Kate Samuels. Read Kate’s coverage from yesterday at 

 Pancho put in his standard performance – he’s such a well trained and talented horse but we are still getting to know one another and build a partnership. Crackers and New Cadet both put in good tests; they are both still green at this level, and I’d say it’ll be about six months before they are flawless.

Crackerjack (Photo

My ankle is feeling about 70% at this point – it hurts and I only have limited mobility, but I’m hoping it’ll hold up through the weekend. I’m not on meds anymore, and when Lindsey is going down the line icing and wrapping the horses in the evening I’m there with them, icing and wrapping my ankle.

My four youngsters are doing dressage today: Eddie, Shadow, Cortez and Bally. I feel that they are a promising group of horses and I’m really looking forward to how they develop for the future.

Cross-country should be fun. After the rain the footing looks to be in good shape. I haven’t seen a big course like this in a few month but I’m sure I’ll get the feeling back quickly.  


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  1. Wow you were busy this weekend
    Sure hope your ankle is doing well after all that work! I look forward to watching you and your horses go at Richlaned ( my first event to be at since Rolex ) Glad to see you have a few mounts lined up!

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