Training Camp at Gladstone

For the past couple of days Shamwari and myself have joined the rest of Team USAat the famous Gladstone USET Foundation Headquarters in New Jersey. We worked on our dressage with David, fine-tuning some of the movements in the four-star tests, and went over videos from the last outing at Great Meadows with the coaches, trying to pick up places to improve here and there.
The vets have been carefully going over the horses, making sure they’re all in tip-top shape before they ship out of JFK airport on Friday morning.
Shamwari and his teammates will be flying on the cargo flight that lands in Brussels and from there they will truck down into the US training camp in Chantilly, France. I plan to meet the horses there Sunday morning so I can get stuck in to the training for the final weeks leading up to the WEG. Silva is heading over a week after my arrival to help me with the dressage. 
Shamwari is in fantastic condition and I feel like I have him much fitter than I did at Luhmuehlen, thanks to the gallops up Nelson’s Hill and many laps at the MauiMeadows swimming pool. Overall I’m feeling confident in our preparations, heading overseas knowing we’re in great shape for the big performance. 

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  1. So Exciting!
    Safe Travels!
    I cannot wait to see you riding in France!
    I travel next Thursday
    Go Boyd
    Go Team USA
    GO Eventing

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