Untimely End to Boyd and Otis’ Olympic Experience

Unfortunately Otis had a swollen leg this morning and was very lame at the jog. He was sent to the hold box and Boyd withdrew him there .
At first we thought that he might have twisted his ankle on the steep hills yesterday, but Kevin Keane looked at him later today and it looks like he has some kind of infection in his leg.
That is pretty good news to us because it does not look like a serious injury and Otis will be okay after a rest.
As you can imagine, we are beyond disappointed that Otis and Boyd could not finish their first Olympics. Right now it feels very incomplete: after all the many years of working towards our ultimate goal, they did not finish. It’s tough!!!! 
Boyd especially feels like he has let his team and all the great people that have supported us all along the way. I know that is not the case, because Boyd rode incredibly well in the dressage and the cross-country and Otis was better then we could have ever hoped for! He is a superstar to us and we owe him forever!
Now the most important thing is that we get Otis home safely so we can start with his recovery and his well-deserved rest in the field.
Even though it did not go the way we planed, we know tomorrow is another day. Boyd and I are flying home tomorrow and will get right back to training for Boyd’s next and my first Olympics!!!

Like Ross Martin always said: ” When the going gets tough, the tough get going!” We have to remember that!

Lindsey is flying home on Thursday and Otis leaves with the other horses on Thursday as well. Lindsey has gone above and beyond in looking after Otis, Nev and Remi over the last few weeks. She is amazing and Boyd could not do all he does without Lindsey doing such a great job behind the scenes.
Thank you again to all the wonderful people that support us so much and all the people that are cheering us on all the time.We appreciate every bit of it!!!
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  1. Oh Boyd and Silva I’m so sorry about the infection. Hopefully with poultices and meds Otis will be back very soon.

    Darn, I was so looking forward to today cause I figured all Boyd had to do was slow down just a tad, get a clear round and he’d move up in the standings. But the horses are the main focus cause they don’t speak human and we have to find a way to offer love, compassion and comfort in a way that the horse truly understands.

    Boyd you did great yesterday as well as on Sat. It was luck (UN lucky)of the draw that caused your scores to scatter to the four winds. You shook it off and soldiered on! We’ll get em in four years!

  2. Boyd took us all the way to London and it was one hell of a ride!!! Thank you to you all! Can’t wait to see what Rio holds. Looking forward to cheering you both on as well as the rest of Team USA.

  3. Anonymous says

    USA couldn’t be more proud of Boyd and Otis!!! Was great to watch such grace and determination!! HUGE following at our barn in Pgh PA – he’s still Number #1 to us!!!

    Amy B

  4. If it was easy, we’d all do it. Please note, none of us has. Sorry it didn’t go better, it will next time. Well done, and a great start to a long career.

  5. Silva and Boyd – You are champions and even more so for looking out for and putting Otis first! You have let no one down I assure you! BE PROUD and here’s to the next Olympics for both of you! Elizabeth Tatum – huge Atlanta Fan!

  6. Anonymous says

    Boyd you have not let anyone down! You rode your best first out in dressage–first out on cross country you were a leader and you did a fantastic job and today when you did the right thing for your horse-it showed what a good horseman you are-We are proud of you and Otis! I look forward to seeing you and Silva represent the US in future Olympics–Thanks for taking us on the ride through the blog and facebook and twitter–Your father was right in saying when the going gets tough the tough get going and I know you will! I am sure today was a disappointment but when you look back at this expeirence you have learned a lot I am sure and to share it with people like Phillip your coach and mentor –that is amazing–you have had an expierence that most of us never get–and you will do it again!

    Great job Lindsey Otis looked fantastic!

    Cheers, Cindy

  7. Anonymous says

    I have thoroughly enjoyed following you on this journey. To be out there, riding with the best in the world, not too shabby! Congrats on all you have accomplished and best wishes for the future.

  8. So proud of the job you did! I heard your story at the time my daughter and I were having to make a hard decision to put our pony down. I read it in a mag I just happened to come across and read it to my 8 yr old daughter who was still grieving for her beloved pony. After hearing your story she said mom if Boyd can over come that I can over come this..(we had people lie to us about the ponies health) she has gotten back on and has rode many horses. Still looking for the right one. I tell you all this because Boyd you have become a hero to us. I cant tell you how proud I am that you put Otis first today. That truely is the true sportmanship. I know it had to be heart breaking to be so close to finishing the Olympics but Otis is part of that and we really respect you for it. Thank you for continually showing to sportsmanship! Cogan station PA is behind you!

  9. So proud to have had you representing the USA!!! Hold your head up high and be proud! Wishing Otis a speedy recovery, and safe travels to all!!!

  10. Anonymous says

    Sulfa and AG Silver powder and the infection will be gone by Thursday!

  11. Considering everything you guys have gone through, to get this far is an achievement.

  12. Anonymous says

    I think it would be awesome if you had T-shirts made up that say I heart Otis with his head on them. I think he is the most magnificent horse I’ve ever seen in action. He was awesome at Rolex Kentucky.

  13. Anonymous says

    Was heartbroken to hear Otis was withdrawn, but you made the right choice putting his safety first. You definitely have not let anyone down! Really enjoyed watching your dressage and cross country, you made the USA proud. Definitely won’t be your last Olympics!

  14. Anonymous says

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching you complete the first two phases. So sorry for you and your team that you were not able to finish. However, I am so glad to hear Otis is not seriously injured. I know you are disappointed not to have finished, but I am so happy you were part of the USA team. Looking forward to watching you (and Silva) compete in Rio!

  15. Anonymous says

    Been there, dun that…my event was cycling so I can acutely ‘feel your pain.’ That said, There are many many other venues to ‘rise and shine’ in for the remainder of this year and next games. So… chin up! Get well. Boyd, you rode magnificently. Otis was amazing for a young horse he showed tons of poise. This was a let down, but the future is quite bright!

  16. Anonymous says

    The most important piece is that Otis will be OK and I am sure your reflecting instincts are already sprouting ideas for improving once more. That fighting spirit is your special gift and a magnet to others who look up to you for inspiration. But at this moment,Otis deserves some sweet carrots and you and Silva deserve a nice quiet evening and a special bottle of wine. I can’t wait to see what your next five years in the US will bring. It will be hard to top what you have already done, but I am sure you will. (No pressure!)

  17. Anonymous says

    Boyd and Otis gave their all and did their best. That’s all we can ask for. Magnificently done. And well finished: you saved your horse for another day. Looking forward to Boyd and Otis’ future with their wonderful team behind them and the rest of Boyd’s fantastic horses. Chin’s up, guys!!!!!

  18. I was so sorry to hear you had to withdraw Otis this morning! I will say a little prayer fast it is a simple infection that can get cleared up quickly! I recently had to deal with cellulitis in one if my gelding’s hind legs, it came on so quickly and caused such pronounced lameness it was scary, thankfully antibiotics took care if it in no time. I hope Otis has as easy of a recovery as my horse! He definitely deserves his time off, you both looked awesome out on cross country yesterday! Definitely can’t wait to see what lies in the future for you guys 🙂

  19. My heart sank when I read that Otis was withdrawn, but it sank because I knew how devastating it must have been to see him come up sore. We love you Boyd, and if you ever came to Minnesota, I’d give my right arm to attend a clinic, and so would my friends. Hint Hint. Lots of hugs to you and your team. Watching Otis go was simply breathtaking, and we wish him fast healing, lots of rest, and promising future. Cheers to you, Silva, Lindsay, your owners, and especially Otis. Keep smiling.

  20. Boyd – you were AMAZING. Otis was fantastic! This longtime fan and fellow Australian-in-America could not be prouder of you both.

  21. Anonymous says

    Proud to call you an American. Thanks to your whole team for the job they did to prepare Otis and you to represent the US so well. I read a great quote in the Steeplechase Times today in a story by Sean Clancy…”If you deal with horses – in any discipline – disappointment is riding in the sidecar.” is all too true. Now, go have a pint and enjoy the rest of your time in the UK. Safe travels home to all.

  22. Anonymous says

    Silva you are truly a gem! Thanks for the update!

  23. We are very proud of all of you, and the sportsmanship proving that true horse people DO put the horse first. Love and prayers from VA for a speedy recovery.

  24. Anonymous says

    Boyd you and Otis were fantastic! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to this wonderful sport. You have made us all so proud. I respect you even more for making the tough decision to do what was best for Otis. Cheering for you and Silva for Rio 2016!

  25. Anonymous says

    We are so proud of your sportsmanship and your dedication to the sport! We all know the feeling when things don’t go right but you both have many years ahead when things will go right!!! You are such incredible horsemen and that is as important as doing well! Here’s to the future to you both!!!

  26. We are so very proud of you Boyd. As horse people, we all understand that these things happen sometimes. The important thing is that Otis will be OK! You rode very well. I look forward to seeing your wife and you in future Olympic games & competitions! Such an inspiration to us all! -Your fans in New Hampshire, US!

  27. Anonymous says

    I am sure it is very hard on you both. Well deserved congrats though. Good luck on your next journey!

  28. Anonymous says

    Boyd is a great horseman… No doubt in my mind they will both enter the next summer Olympics. You did what was best for your horse and not yourself. What an amazing person!! Have a safe trip back home to PA.

    Cathy Howard

  29. Anonymous says

    Thank you for the update! After all you’ve been through, you have the greatest attitudes and I’m very sorry this Olympic experience didn’t happen the way it should have. Next time it will!!!

  30. My heart goes out to you. A true horseman will put the safety of his horse first. This shows true grit and courage and as far as I am concerned that gives you a a perfect score! You have won a gold in my heart. My thoughts and prayers for a safe trip back. We will see you in RIO!

  31. Anonymous says

    I can’t help but think of the story of your first event in this situation; I believe they said you fell off three times in the XC and chased your horse all the way back to the trailer each time, only to return to the course again and again. Of course you were way over the time allowed, but by God, you were going to finish! As disheartening and disappointing it is for you, Otis, all your supporters and owners, especially with it being at the olympics, this is not the end of the road. You will be back again and again, and in the end, YOU will come out on top. You’re a natural-born fighter who inspires thousands each and every day to never give up. We are all so happy for and proud of you!!!!!!

  32. Anonymous says

    Very Proud of you and Otis! Now let’s go Rio 2016!!!! GO USA!!

  33. another nh fan here! wishing you, the horses and the team safe travels and a speedy recovery to otis! thank you for sharing your experience up to this point. i sincerely hope that you’ll continue to do so!

  34. Anonymous says

    We so enjoyed watching you get to where you did. We had the great fortune of seeing Boyd and Otis @ Rolex this year…Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery. Otis is a real star!!

  35. Boyd, I’m so sorry the Olympics ended too soon for you and Otis. I can only imagine the disappointment that you and your whole team feel right now after how hard you all worked to be there. I have truly enjoyed following your journey and will continue to do so because I expect to see you head to Rio in 2016. This Californian is so proud to have had both you and Otis representing the USA during these Games. Safe travels as you all head home!

    Also, special thanks to Silva for updating us at the Games!

  36. Anonymous says

    I am so sorry you did not get to fulfill your Olympic dream…this time. I’m sure that for you and your horses there will be many more. I am so impressed that you put your horse first, withdrawing him when you saw he was not as fit as he needed to be for these events. You should feel proud of yourself for that; there are folks out there who would not have done the same.
    Looking forward to 2016!!!

  37. Anonymous says

    You and your team are amazing! You are to be congratulated for all your achievements this past year, not just the past few days in London. I am so proud to have you and Otis represent the USA. I know, without doubt, that this was just your first of many Olympic games to come. Thank you so much for being such a great and thoughtful horseman. I look forward to our next clinic with you.

  38. We love you all — we are counting on you next year Boyd!!! Take care of those horses! Give them all kisses, they are a special, special group. Its not every one who can say they took three champions to the Olympics in 2012.

    Your Kansas Friends.

  39. Anonymous says

    Good plan -going to Millbrook HT and being with great friends (the horses and the humans.) I am sure they are making every effort to make you feel at home.

  40. You have many fans here in West Michigan-you made us so proud with all of your horses this year-from Kentucky to London, and have inspired us to work harder too-I have been secretly in love with Otis since we met him at Rolex-and while Neville got all the media buzz-Otis stole my heart-hope to see him zip around cross country again in a short time. God Bless you both, the horses and the kitties too

    Genie Eardley, Michigan

  41. I hope Otis is going to be better. He was a great horse to watch in The Olympics. I hope to see Boyd and Otis in The 2016 Olympics! Best Wishes 🙂

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