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I have some catching up to do on the blog, so I will talk about three shows here, beginning with Dressage at the Park, held at Bruce’s Field here in Aiken.

I’m so excited that I have two newly minted FEI horses, Hannah Lu W, owned by Joan Fenton White and Sara Reese, and my own Jada W. Both of these homebred mares just recently moved up to the FEI levels, competing in the PSG here in Aiken, South Carolina.

Jada won the PSG; Hannah was a little hot in the canter and made some green mistakes but still placed second, which was awesome.

As a side note, I am putting together a small group of owners to keep Jada. Tommy Turner, who is Christine Turner’s daughter, has joined me as a part owner and I’m so excited to be able to keep this wonderful mare!  We are still looking for a few people to join our partnership, so if you are interested please get in touch with me.

Electric, owned by George and Julia Strawbridge, Nancy Hathaway and Steven Tsokanos. He did his first 3rd level, and he’s just six years old. He placed second and for a six-year-old to do flying changes and half passes is challenging, but he’s a very good boy and tries very hard.

Jax W, owned by Joan Fenton White and ridden by Harley Whitaker, did 4th level, test 3 and won her division. Jax has just turned 7, the same as Jada, but he’s green and is really stepping up to the plate and Harley is doing a great job working with him.

Jax W

Valentine’s Day Show at Stable View Farm

We had a busy day and I have to give a big shout out to Harley and Becca, my right-hand women, for all of their help! Harley had everything beautifully set up and I could just focus on my riding, which is incredible with so much going on, it was a very busy day.

Hanna Lu W competed in the FEI PSG  and it was the first show she’s really matured and come into herself. She won and Jada was 3rd this time. I thought Jada was great too, but sometimes the judges see things differently and that’s fine.

Electric competed at 3rd level and was wonderful, and won 3rd level test 1.

I also rode Chris Turner’s stallion Halimey.  it was my first time riding him and he was a champ, he also finished second in the same class as Electric. You wouldn’t know he’s a stallion, he was so quiet in the warmup and easy to handle.


I also rode Cheryl Griffith’s new horse Watercolor. Cheryl came to watch and it was great having her there, she’s like the “horse show mom”: she comes to a lot of shows with me and she’s very hands-on and helpful. This gorgeous black mare is still three, coming four and is very green but the show was at Stable View so we just went for it. She’s a beautiful mare but she’s green as grass so she competed in Training level, test one. The judges liked her and she placed 3rd .



Harley and Jax did their first PSG at Stable View and they made some wonky mistakes, as expected with a young horse and young rider, but it was exciting for Harley to put on the tails and compete at the FEI level!

Becca Boone, my new working student, rode her horse Cole. Harley’s been nice enough to teach Becca because I’ve been so busy here in Aiken and she did an Intro test and was first, then finished fourth in training level.

Helle Goodrich is my good friend who lives in New England but spends the winter in Aiken, and it’s always great to see her. She rode her horse Fuerst Rubin in 3rd level and placed equal second with me. She started light and only rode that one horse because she was just getting started.

Bruce’s Field

This past weekend I had my two mares competing in the PSG both days of the show; Hanna was wonderful on Saturday and almost got 70%, winning the PSG, and Jada was 2nd. Then Electric won 3rd level. Harley rode Jax again in the PSG and I think all their work leading up to the show was a lot for him, he was good but a bit dull in the test so he’s getting some downtime this week.

Helle was great on Fuerst Rubin, finishing 3rd in 3rd level, and won First level with her other horse Falkoner on Saturday.



On Sunday things reversed: Hannah was full of herself so Jada won and Hannah was second – those two always kind of switch places, but I like being first and second anyway! Electric got a day off and Jax is also having a rest, they’ve both been working so hard. Helle won 3rd level and 1st level so overall she was champion for 3rd and 1st; Hanna was champion for PSG and Jada was Reserve.

Thank you to all the owners and sponsors and a big shout-out to the girls so I can be a mom and still focus on what I’m doing!


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Horizon Structures

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Our next show is at Highfields in Aiken on March 17th , so we have a little time for rest and training before our next outing.





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