Update on Silva’s Recovery

I saw a neuro-ophtalmalogist recently because I can’t keep my eyes open, and he was very positive; it’s such a rare injury they can’t really give me a time frame for how much time it’ll take, but if it’s not resolved after a year they can do surgery. But since I’ve recovered so quickly so far, they’re hoping it’ll just resolve itself.
I’m doing physio three times a week at Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital.  My sister Nina is here this week to help me – I can’t drive because of my eyes,  so that’s a big help. I don’t know how long I have to go to rehab, but I definitely have to keep going for the next couple of weeks. Nina is a speech therapist, so she’s helping me with that, and she’s helping me around the house. I’m doing well but I’m on a lot of medication and get tired quickly. 

It’s annoying that I’m still not back to normal, but I just have to take it slowly. I’m going to come back better than before !I wish I could just go out and ride, but I can’t do that!
I do go out to the barn and spend time with the horses every day. The girls are keeping the horses going and I can see what they’re doing, so for being sick it’s a good situation – I can still organize what each horse does what everyday. I can’t work yet, but it’s good that I can go out and keep an eye on things and be involved.


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  1. I wish you the best! I had a TBI 5 years ago and have found that cranial sacral therapy helps tremendously. If you haven’t heard of it from your doctors, you should ask!

  2. Silva you are doing such a great job getting better .
    We are all cheering you on every step of the way as you finish your recovery.
    Thanks so much for the update and keep them coming as we are always thinking of you : )

  3. Anonymous says

    Hang in there–you have a lot of fans out there pulling for you!

  4. Hi Silva, I can relate to being bored, I am recovering from a concussion too. Mine happened last November and I have a lot of Physical Therapists helping me out. I also go see a craniosacral therapist who does the Brain Technique and that has made a big difference. Sometimes I read other people’s stories about recovering from a brain injury on Jay Fraga’s website and it helps me realize I’m not alone in going through this very slow and frustrating process. I’m also sad I can’t ride right now but I am thinking of getting a miniature horse to teach tricks to while I recover. It’s good to hear about things from your perspective.

  5. Anonymous says

    So good to hear of your continued recovery
    How awesome your mom amd sister have been able to be there for support!

    Continued positive thoughts and prayers

    Head injuries take time stay positive

    What a great team you have


  6. You can also try Brain Wave Neuro Feedback- may be effective. Here is a website:

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