Ups and Downs at the Carolina International

Making the best of it

Everyone at the event at Carolina International put on one of the best events I’ve ever seen this weekend; they made a massive effort which in my opinion rockets their status to one of the best CIC’s in America. 

I’m heading back to Pennsylvania, and unfortunately our house is going to look like a hospital ward with Silva hobbling around on a walking frame and me on a pair of crutches! I have to say, though – I was proud to tell Silva that I hurt my leg falling from a horse rather than a scooter.

But let me start from the beginning. Steady Eddie is one of my top young horses, and he made the leap to advanced this year. He’s a very careful jumper so I decided to be competitive on him and really go for it at the Carolina International. About half-way around the course, at the Ruins jump — a vertical to a forward three to a very wide corner — I was moving along and decided to carve my turn and jump the fence at pace; unfortunately due to Eddie’s greenness it came as a surprise to him to see the corner and at the last moment he ducked out. My leg hit the edge of the corner at high speed which knocked me off the Eagle. Right away I knew my leg was broken – the medical staff thew me in the back of the meat wagon and took me to the local hospital for X-rays to confirm that my shin bone took a beating.

Just a little scratch…
…or not
I’ll add this to my X-ray collection

I take full responsibility for the accident, it was a very well designed course and in hindsight I made the error of riding Eddie like a seasoned campaigner rather than like the green advanced horse that he is; obviously this is a very frustrating injury to pick up, due to the fact I’m just getting all my ducks lined up in preparation for the spring horse trials.

Bandaged up – they’re almost as good as my groom Lindsey

Overall I was extremely pleased with the way all the horses went this weekend. I’ve got a superb group of top-level horses at the moment and they all put in fantastic dressage tests and good show jumping rounds. I’m hoping the injury to my leg doesn’t hold off their improvements for too long.


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  1. Hope it heals quick!

  2. As long as you and Silva heal quickly and completely, that is all that matters. I am guessing this may impact your Rolex participation in 4 weeks. 🙁

  3. Boyd-my husband is an orthopaedic trauma surgeon at the University of Rochester-I showed him the xrays-he would recommend placing a tibial rod in then @ weeks before riding. You can contact him at 585-943-1758 to discuss.
    Amy Kates

  4. Anonymous says

    Feel better !!!!

  5. Anonymous says

    Oh Boyd, I am so sorry! You will now have time to help Silva recover.

  6. True class. Heal quickly

  7. What a positive attitude Boyd! You continue to amaze me. I’m grateful that you and Silva are home together and that you both can heal . It’s gonna be ok.

  8. Anonymous says

    You are truly unbelievable with that big grin on your face!

  9. Wow, what a tough time you guys are having lately! Glad it’s relatively minor and you & Silva can be temporarily crippled together. Hope you’re both all healed up soon!

  10. Anonymous says

    Love the smile.We are pulling for you!!

  11. You both will be back in the tack before you know it! Keep smiling, both of you 🙂

  12. Surely there are less painful ways to plan to spend time with Silva!! 😉 sending healing prayers and happy thoughts to you both!!

  13. Anonymous says

    Well this really sucks. So sorry to hear about this, wishing a speedy recovery! Susan & Maya Montani

  14. Beth Tolentino says

    ER physician assistant here … thanks for sharing the “cool” pics! 🙂 Did you go to the OR for a washout and plates? I have been watching Silva’s story and am wishing you both patience and peace while you recover. Do exactly — and consistently — what your docs and therapists say to do. In other words: don’t be like horses.

  15. Anonymous says

    I hope that’s not the same leg you had surgery on last year? Now you and Silva can rehab each other!

  16. Oh no!!! I do hope it heals quickly, eat your yoghurt!! I am so sorry for the continuing hits to the Martin team and send you both the very best. I was fence judging all day, so was not able to watch anywhere else, but rumour has it Shamwari was Sham-wow! and Caitlinn won the dressage with Remi, so congratulations to all of you for that and the rest of the shining performances!

  17. I hear this boot company Majyk Equipe makes some killer cross country protection…human size perhaps??? 😉 Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  18. At least your fibula is intact. Glad to here for surgery though, with it being so transverse and figuring you’d pop on a horse too soon I was worried about it just being casted.

  19. charlene werfel says

    probably because of what you do, the doc will be more cautious and make you want longer before giving you the go ahead to ride-I know they did with me and I have not had a problem with any of the fractures I have had-but it sure seems a very long time waiting-good luck and most of the doc at first health are quite good

  20. Boyd, You make professionals look good–what a terrific statement. I hope you recover quickly and completely. I second the suggestion from Amy Kates–I am a dressage trainer who had a similar break, and with the rod you should have a more complete and efficient rehab. I wish you and Silva the best. Allison Kavey

  21. Allison J. says

    Why, that’s only a flesh wound! Seriously, though, if you keep on your current pace you will have more titanium than calcium in your skeleton!
    You really have an incredible positive attitude, and I hope both you and Silva both make a quick recovery and are both back riding very soon

  22. Yes Boyd
    Do exactly and consistently
    What your docs and therapist say you need to do

    Positive Healing Thoughts
    Hope it all went well yesterday!

  23. Hi Boyd, I hope your tibia heals quickly. My friend (You may know her as Anna or Big Tiger😊 and her horses are Lady and Dakota) were in our writing class and she was checking to see if you were showing this past weekend, when she saw you were going to have surgery. She showed it to me and we both started crying. Everyone in our class thought we were weird since we both started randomly bawling… 🙂 I’ve be praying for you and your wife. I am a huge fan of your riding… Hope you heal fast!

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