US Eventing Horses Passed the Jog and Ready to Go

Thomas at the jog, getting some love from owner Chris Turner and her daughter Tommie.

Tsetserleg and the rest of the US horses passed the trot up with flying colors today at the World Equestrian Games in Tryon. We will do dressage at 1:40pm tomorrow, the second to go of the US Team.

Thomas is feeling great, so I anticipate a good test. The weather has been pretty warm and humid, so I’ve shortened his workouts a bit and ridden him more frequently instead of for longer rides but he’s in good nick and the rest of the team look great so I think we’re in for a good championship

I had a look at the cross country course today and it looks good. As we knew coming in here, there’s a mountain right at the end of the course that will be very influential. The course is very technical with lots of options, lots of skinnies and corners, and tricky fences so it’ll be hard to make the time in the first six minutes and then have enough energy for that big hill at the end.

My friend Eric Bull, who has built our course at home at Windurra, has done a beautiful job on the course here, showing off some North Carolina landmarks and wildlife in the course theme.

We’re getting a lot of rain but the footing on the course is sandy, prepared footing with turf over top of it and looks like it can take an amazing amount of water. I’m not too worried about the hurricane or tropical storm or whatever it will be by the time it gets here; the weather is out of our control and it’ll be what it’ll be. I’m focused on giving Thomas the best ride that I can this week.

Thomas has got a huge fan club here, and lots of supporters are wearing the stars and stripes. It’s great fun competing at a world championship on our home turf and Chris Turner and her family are very excited see their horse go. I hope we will make them all proud!


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