USEA Convention Recap

Boyd relays his experiences from the USEA Convention:

I had an entertaining three days in Reston, Virginia for the USEA convention. For the first time I was involved with a few of the high performance meetings with Captain Mark Phillips and some of the US officials. We had a good couple of meetings making plans for next year and it gave me the opportunity to talk to some of the coaches about my horses’ plans for 2010 and getting them set up for Kentucky.

Mark Hart and Ann Jones have organized the Owners Committee, helping US riders get owners together. I’m still working on a syndicate for Belmont and I think this is the way of the future: syndicating gives people the opportunity to own a top event horse at a fraction of the cost. Belmont is begging to go to Kentucky and I think a good performance there would put in line for the WEG.

The awards ceremony was a big thrill, especially seeing Amy Lindgren receive the award for Min- he has easily been the best in the country at the preliminary level and she has supported me since I came to this country.

The finest hour was seeing the likes of Bruce Davidson and Denis Glaccum inducted into the Eventing Hall of Fame. It was really touching seeing these champions get up and receive their applause.

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