Used Saddles Available from Boyd’s Sponsor, Devoucoux

Get ready for a new season!
Our used saddle web site has been updated and now has over 90 saddles to offer!
All models and sizes are available.
Devoucoux saddles can be found as well as other brands.
Approved in top condition by our saddle technicians!
With 25 years of experience on made-to-measure saddles and analysis of the horse and rider biomechanics, Devoucoux is introducing a new concept, the D3D Technology:
· Innovative materials to increase the comfort and well-being of horses
· Better weight bearing distribution on the horse’s back
· Unrivalled feeling of proximity, balance and comfort
· Innovative Design
A  new technology at the service of the rider and his horse:
· Achievement of great interactivity between horse and rider
· Removal of back pressure by widening the gullet between the panels in order to achieve the release of the dorsal spinous processes
· Increase of the weight-bearing surface of the panels for better weight distribution
· High stability of the saddle on the horses’ backs
· Release of the horse’s forehand, which allows working with more even gaits

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  1. We would love to help these saddles find home and also save our reader the money in business a used saddle. Please let us know if we can help:

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