USEF High Performance Owners’ Day

On Monday, we enjoyed a brilliant afternoon of golf followed by a wonderful evening where many of the high performance riders joined up with owners and potential owners of top quality event horses.

Ron Juvonen, member of all our syndicates as well as owner of HH Lancaster and Remington XXV, organized the afternoon of golfing at Palmetto Golf Course in Aiken. This is one of America’s most historic golf courses and ranks among the top 200 most challenging courses in America. Riders were separated into groups with owners, partnered up with a very bewildered looking golf pro, to lend advice around the course.

Out of the Sand Trap

In our group I was accompanied by four-star event legend Allison Springer along with George Wintersteen, member of the Neville Bardos Syndicate, partner in Steady Eddie and owner of Ballyneety; as well as Pierre Colin, member of Trading Aces Syndicate, owner of SBF Balboa and SBF Cortez as well as a partner in Steady Eddie.

Pierre and George

 It was a brilliant game of nine holes which saw us all play some phenomenal strokes followed by many, many disastrous hits which often ended up on the neighboring fairway. It was a fantastic feeling taking part in a different sport alongside some of the people that are absolutely crucial for supporting our career with horses.

George, Boyd, Allison and Pierre

A couple hours later, Fernanda Kellogg hosted a sensational party sponsored by SmartPak at her FoxFrolic Farm in Aiken. Fernanda and her team of Owners’ Task Force members are absolutely brilliant in turning social functions like this into very enjoyable evenings that make us all feel very proud to be invited. To cap it off, David O’Connor, Will Coleman, Densey Juvonen, Fernanda Kellogg and Annie Jones all made short speeches in regards to their joys and experiences through ownership in the sport of three-day eventing.

A big thanks must go to everyone involved in organizing this great event. All of us had a wonderful time and we all came out of it with fresh ideas on the subject of event horse ownership.


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