Video: The Story of Willy

Every kid has that one special pony. Back when Boyd was a just a wee lad in Australia, he rode a pony named Willy (“Will He Do It”). Willy gave Boyd the start with horses that every kid needs, teaching him valuable lessons about horsemanship and perseverance. From the looks of Boyd’s early course design skills, Willy was a real trooper, too. Lucky for us, Boyd and his mate decided to put together this treasure of a video. Remember kids, this was before you could whip out your iPhone and make a video on the spot – this took some effort, and it was worth every minute.

Boyd recalls, ““My first actual horse trial with Willy didn’t go so well: I fell off twice on the cross-country and unfortunately the second fall was at the water jump. Willy decided to run back to the trailer and eat some hay, so I had an approximately fifteen minute run on foot to go and get him, but I hopped on him, rode him all the way back again and continued. I also fell off in the show-jumping, so I had three falls in total, a rough dressage – oh and a stop cross country too – which all added up to about 386 penalties. That was my eventing debut! But I wasn’t too disappointed, to be honest, it was a great day out and quite a good effort, I thought!”

Notice that this little glimpse into Boyd’s childhood even includes a cat. Priceless!

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