Virginia Horse Trials Trifecta

We had a fantastic finish to the season with the Virginia horse trials, which also had an FEI/CCI* class. We got to the competition a day early so the horses were nicely settled into the competition. In the OI division, I’m very proud to say we had a trifecta: SBF Cortez was first, Bonito second and Master Eli was third. It was the first time I’ve managed such a feat at the intermediate level. These are three classy, quality horses with bright futures.

In the Open Prelim Gipsy King won his final outing of the year. He was impressive in all three phases, especially in the show jumping where a clear round is hard ot come by. Boo-yaa was in the OP, his first start at this level for the young Thoroughbred and he did not disappoint, finishing in 4th place.

In the CCI* I competed with three of my up and coming superstars. It was a great experience for them but their greenness and inexperience definitely showed up in the show jumping, where we managed to give the jump crew quite a lot of work picking up rails. But saying that, Santos, High Aspirations and Ray Price without question are horses for the future and will be unbeatable once they get more mileage under their belts.

A big congrats to my young apprentice Mike Pendleton who came 2nd in the Jr CCI* on Ron and Densey Juvonen’s HH Lancaster, Mike is one of the hardest-working, talented guys out there and has been grinding away for me for years and I was glad to see a fabulous performance on not the easiest horse in the barn.

I will say a big effort was made by the organizing committee of the Virginia Horse Trials. Andy Bowles has really put his best foot forward to enhance this event. This was the first year John Nicholson designed the cross-country and he produced a good, flying track that gave the horses a good feel of what cross-country is supposed to be like. A big thanks must also go to the Horse Pesterer who managed to catch glimpses of some of my rides throughout the weekend.


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  1. Good to see you had an excellent weekend of Eventing

    Go Boyd
    Go Mike

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