Virtual Dressage Show at Stable View

Halimey Go

Today at Windurra USA we were very excited to be able to compete in a dressage competition hosted by Stable View! Due to physical dressage shows being cancelled because of the current health situation, Stable View took the lead on creating a new sort of competition experience: a Virtual Horse Show! Its a really fun idea and a good way to keep in shape and motivated for when we can attend shows again.


Silva competed two horses in today’s event: Halimey Go and Gambado. Halimey Go is a 2005 Trakehner Stallion owned by Christine Turner, and Gambado is a 2006 OTTB gelding owned by Cheryl Gamboney. Halimey Go competed in the First Level Test 3 and Gambado competed in Training Level Test 3. I took a video of each ride and emailed them to the show secretary, where they will be judged by licensed judges. The results will be posted on and we look forward to hearing back.

This was really fun for Silva and I! Its been a while since we’ve been to a show, so this was such good way to get the season going. Its such a great idea from Stable View and we are so thankful to them for hosting. I look forward to next week!

-Jenna Weh

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