Visit to Purina reconfirms Martins’ feed choice

Purina Animal Research Center
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Visit to Purina reconfirms Martins’ feed choice
OXFORD, Penna. – March 31, 2015 — Amid a busy winter schedule training and competing down south, Boyd and Silva Martin found time for a visit to the Purina Animal Nutrition Center in Gray Summit, Missouri.  Purina is proud to have both of the Martins as members of their ambassador team.  Comprised of professionals in a variety of disciplines, the ambassadors devote their time and share their knowledge and experience in an effort to give back to the youth and families in the industry.
The 1200-acre working farm is fully staffed by veterinarians, nutritionists and other professionals who research, develop and perfect Purina Mills’ complete product line.
“I was just blown away by the amount of research they do there!” claims Boyd.  “I know Purina makes great feed, that’s why all our horses eat Purina. But I had no idea how much research, effort, and testing goes into perfecting these products.”
Boyd admits that the staff far exceeded what he expected.  “The place was just full of top-notch vets and equine PhD scientists — with all kinds of expertise!”
In addition to touring the research facility, Boyd and Silva had an opportunity to meet and visit with several other Purina Ambassadors, ironically all from Western disciplines.  “It was really fascinating talking with them — ropers, barrel racers and other rodeo professionals — and learn how much goes into developing their horses,” he says.  “Some have very different requirements in their diet and that’s what Purina does so well – no matter what the discipline they have the right feed for every lifestyle.”
“Silva and I really learned a lot more about the wide variety of Purina products too,” he says.  He was especially impressed with two supplements, Amplify, formulated for weight gain, performance, shine and bloom and Supersport, a targeted amino acid formulation for muscle performance, exercise capacity and recovery.  “I added Amplify to a few horses’ diets and also put some Supersport on hard exercisers.  It’s only been about a month and I am really amazed with the results.”
Boyd also praises his local Purina dealer, Oxford Feed & Lumber, which delivers Purina Ultium and Strategy to their farm, Windurra, as well as his Oxford and Purina reps, confirming that are easily accessible and happy to help him customize feeding programs for individual horses. 
“I am really glad we made the trip to Missouri. I never realized just how much goes into developing these feeds.  The lengths they go to for quality is unbelievable and it shows in the appearance and performance of our horses!” 

Boyd & Silva  – PHOTO BY AMY DRAGOO 
Purina ambassadors, Boyd & Silva Martin recently visited Purina’s Animal Nutrition Center.                                                                                                                      
Welcome Purina: Research to develop and perfect all Purina Mills’ products takes place at the 1200-acre facility in Gray Summit, Missouri.                                                                                                                      
Purina Treadmill: State-of-the-art equipment at the facility aids in their research

Amy Dragoo Photo

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