Waranga W Arrives in the USA!

Waranga W arrived today in West Grove, PA, USA after a 10-day, grueling trip from Lochinvar, NSW, Australia . Amy Lingren’s new 3-year-old gelding has racked up some traveling points on his journey to his new home.

His itinerary was:

Lochinvar to Melbourne Airport…. 14 hours (By road)
Melbourne – Auckland – LA Airport …. 20 Hours (By air), followed by three days quarantine.
LA – Kentucky …. 45 hours (By road)
Kentucky – Unionville …. 14 hours (By road)

Waranga bounced off the truck at lunchtime today as if it was nothing. I put him in a stable and he had a big drink, then started munching on the Pennsylvania hay (of which he approved). He looked happy and healthy when I turned him out into his paddock this evening. We plan to give him a hair cut tomorrow and get rid of his winter coat; coming from the middle of an Australian winter straight into the humidity of the Pennsylvania summer is not ideal.

Amy Lingren is delighted with her new horse; I think she will be focusing on teaching this little guy the art of eating carrots over the next few days. Our plan is to let him find his feet in the US, then start light work in a few weeks.


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  1. He’s huge Boyd!

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