Weekend Wrap up

Boyd and On Cue galloping across the beautiful Plantation Field. Copyright Amber Heintzberger

It was a beautiful weekend at Plantation Field International, even clouded by controversy. For me personally I was thrilled to be out competing again. I’ve had a few niggling injuries this year that have finally been fixed and it feels good to be back in action. I visited my physio this morning and I’m happy to report that everything is in good shape after the weekend.

Windurra USA had a good showing this weekend. I chose to ride a couple seasoned campaigners in the three-star: both Cue and Ludwig had nice, easy runs to get back in the swing of things. Mike Pendleton did a stellar job on Contessa, Wabanaki, The Fonz Himself, Miss Lulu Herself and Butt’s Aria. I felt the actual competition was brilliant, with good show jumping and cross country tracks. It was a great education for all these horses getting prepared for the big events at the end of the year.


Thanks to my hardworking team, who take such good care of the horses: Jess Gesham, Olivia Coolidge, Joe Bowersox, Tori Sudkamp, Luiza Morgan, Kelly Bahrs, Bradley Champagne, Mike Pendleton and our fearless leader Stephanie Simpson.

Finally, I’d like to say a big thank you to the Walker family, who own the land on which the event takes place. I’ve been lucky over the years that they have been wonderful supporters who have owned horses outright as well as bought shares in syndicates, and they’ve been very generous to let this event run on their property. If 2020 does happen to be the last event, I want to tell them how generous they’ve been over the years and how much we’ve appreciated using this wonderful land. It’s also been a privilege and an education being on the board of Plantation Field Equestrian Events and I’ve learned a lot about how much goes into putting on these big events.

-Boyd Martin

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