WEG First Veterinary Inspection

All the members of the US team jogged up this morning. Unfortunately Kim’s horse has been battling a bit of cellulitis in his front leg and she decided to withdraw before the competition started, since she felt the horse was not 100%. Karen has moved into the team spot and America will just run one individual, Becky Holder, now. Unfortunately the door for Arthur or Leyland closed Monday at nine AM, and Kim’s horse was looking good at that stage but then deteriorated 48 hours afterwards.

Neville I rode for about 45 minutes this morning and he was a good boy, but I saw his Thoroughbred fitness side come out at the jog this morning. He got himself all razzed up by the huge crowd at the jog-up. One of the unfortunate sides of Neville is that he was a racehorse and really does react to large crowds and high volumes of noise. This is a bit of a concern for the dressage, keeping him relaxed, as the arena is full of electricity. I took him in yesterday and Neville felt confused that the stadium was Kembla Grange racetrack! I have a second opportunity this evening to take him in and settle him down so I will just do the best I can.


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