Welcome Nox Christoph Martin


We’re very excited to introduce our son, Nox Christoph Martin. Because of her brain injury Silva had a planned c-section, and went in this morning for the delivery. The operation was quick and successful and Nox was delivered after about 20 minutes, weighing in at 8 pounds and measuring 22″ tall.


We agreed on the name “Nox”, and flipped a coin for the middle name, with Silva’s dad Christoph winning the coin toss. Good friend and fellow event rider Ryan Wood will be his godfather.


We’ve had a lot of highs and lows in our personal and professional lives and this certainly ranks amongst the best days so far. We’re both thrilled with our new arrival and looking forward to the new experiences that parenthood will bring.


Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to wish our family well today!

-Boyd and Silva


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  1. So awesome
    Thanks for sharing
    Your baby is beautiful

  2. mary pat stone says

    Congrats!!! wishing you a lifetime of joy. he’s awesome!

  3. Congratulations! Wish you all the best!

  4. Phoebe Manders says

    Congratulations Boyd and Silva!! As the mom of three wonderful boys, I remember the indescribable feeling of love and wonderment when each one was born. Can’t wait to meet the little guy:)

  5. Oh boy I’m so excited for you all!! You’ve been a part of our family since before you were born, this feels to me very much like the birth of another grandchild!! Blessings and love and all things good and sweet are coming your way from “Aunty Row-Nina” and the rest of the Robinson Family xoxoxo

  6. Carroll Ann Pullen says

    Congratulations! We’re very excited for your family & hope we get a chance to sneak a peek at Nox while in town for Devon! Best wishes,Carroll Ann & Scott

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