Windurra Dressage at GAIGs

Windurra Dressage is back from the GAIG Finals, and client Pam Murphy shared the following blog entry about the weekend:
Besides the three dressage horses, Hannah Lu W, Reva (aka Rhea, owned by Christine Capano) and Bud (aka Dommelsch, my current ride while Rio recovers from his suspensory), we also took three of Boyd’s top horses so they could spend some quality tune-up time with Silva.
As usual it was ribbons galore for Silva: Hannah Lu W (owned with Sarah Reese) won the Championship PSG class with a solid 71.6%,  and was 4th in the I-1.

Boyd’s horses were all super. Thomas (Tseterleg), Luke 140 and Ludwig (Long Island Tea) did several 4-1 tests with great scores and took the blue, red and yellow ribbons as well as ribbons and high scores in their 3-3 tests. Not surprisingly, a number of people recognized Thomas from his win at the Pan American Games and asked for a photo op.

Luke 140:

Tsetserleg TSF:

Long Island T:

Happily, Christine and Reva did great. Despite some stingy judge’s marks in her two warm up 1-3 classes, she did really really well in the championship class with a 67.6 and placed 5th!

Video of Pam and Christine:

Bud did fine given this was his  sixth horse show ever. He earned his first blue ribbon on Friday. More importantly, he was much more rideable and significantly less freaked out by the judges’ stands!

It was great to have Steph, Boyd’s most great groom / barn manager, and Sarah Reese with us. As usual, Jenna, Silva’s  number 1 barn manager, kept the dressage team super focused, on time and safe. Her positive ‘can do’ attitude is hugely appreciated by all!

An added plus was having Susanna and her sister Lita with us to help with the boys … and Susanna made the best dinner for us on Friday night! Thanks so much Susanna❤️

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