Windurra Event Horses Fancy Prancing in Aiken this Weekend

Not an Event Horse: Silva competing at the Palm Beach Dressage Derby a few years ago…Let’s hope the event horses can channel a little of this magic…

It’s time we see if all of our dressage training this month has paid off! Tomorrow, we plan to take a few of the horses out to the Bruce’s Field for the  2020 Dressage in the Park show. This is a USDF recognized show, so the eventers will really get to test their mettle against the dressage horses. A number of the horses we plan to take will be quite excited and pumped up for their first event for the year, and we will use this show to hopefully get them settled for the upcoming events. We will also put a few of the younger horses to a higher level, to give them their first try at some of the new movements that they will be expecting this eventing season.
My groin is still in the healing process, so Silva and Mike will be riding a number of the horses tomorrow. I am feeling good in the saddle, but I have to limit my numbers at the moment. It’s a bit frustrating, but my doctor keeps reminding me that this is a long process.
Tomorrow’s times:
8:08 – On Cue – Boyd
9:36 – Luke 140 – Silva
10:39 – Blackfoot Mystery- Boyd
1:23 – Long Island T – Boyd
1:31 – Contessa – Mike
1:55 – Wabanaki – Mike
2:25 – Maya – Mike
2:48 – Tseterleg – Silva
3:23 Steady Eddie – Mike
4:20 Barry – Mike
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