Windurra Eventers Migrating North

Hicks Bros. Fertilizing the fields and cross country schooling course at Windurra USA

The Windurra Eventing crew is back home in Pennsylvania and happy to dig in to work here on the farm. In hindsight we were very lucky that we decided to enter so many horses at the Pine Top Spring Horse Trials in Georgia last weekend. Pine Top is one of my favorite events, it’s got a beautiful cross country course: good footing, open, galloping courses and a well-designed track. Between Mike, me and a large portion of our staff we ran most of  the horses our barn. A few of the mature horses went out on Friday and the greener ones on Saturday and Sunday.

We found out halfway through the weekend that this would be our last event for some time as word broke of the novel corona virus. We were scheduled to come home to Pennsylvania this weekend anyway, so on Monday we said goodbye to Stable View, our winter base for many years now. It’s a beautiful facility and a great base with rings, cross country schooling, gallops and plenty of hacking as well as top-notch accommodation for the staff. I’d especially like to thank farm owners Barry and Cyndi Olliff for having us and we look forward to going back next January.

There’s no place like home though, and it’s good to be back in Pennsylvania after three months by myself in a small apartment. Silva stayed home this winter since Nox (was) in full-time school this year. It was a change for me, after all that alone time, coming back to two fit and wild young boys! Props to Silva and our wonderful babysitter Susannah for holding down the fort here at home. It’s great to be back, the farm looks gorgeous after a mild winter and the grass is already popping through on our cross course

Obviously the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a spanner in the works, but over the years I’ve often been pushed to master the art of not getting too worried about things that are out of your control. We plan to spend the next months training hard with the horses I am fortunate that all the prelim/Intermediate horses are in “flying change boot camp” with Silva. It can often be a lengthy process, teaching the horses how to do flying changes, but Silva is a master at putting flying changes on the horses.

We’ve nearly completed construction of a new, nine-bedroom facility for staff housing, which is in walking distance of the farm. That will be a huge benefit, having everyone who works here in the same place.

As for the spring season, we will just wait to see how this outbreak continues. I’ll most likely be looking for a little teaching, in obviously small groups and out in the open, in driving distance of the farm.

We have just had the turf fertilized by Hicks Brothers  and we look forward to opening the cross country schooling course built by ETB Equine Construction on about April 1 and I think this will be a great opportunity for everyone to get horses out in the open before the competitions open up again.


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