Windurra Horses Start the Season at Dressage at Bruce’s Field in Aiken


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We spent this weekend at the new recognized dressage show at the relatively new facilities at Bruce’s Field in Aiken, SC. I was so impressed with Bruce’s Field, and also with the ladies who organized the show. I thought it was a huge success; they had a huge turnout and it was very well run. The footing there is also really good. I hope they do another show next year! This was the first one and it was excellent. Boyd and I both took horses out and he was also very impressed with the facility and the organization. We both had a lot of horses going, so I’m proud that the dressage horses had a good day


Hana Lu W was very good, she belongs to Sara Reeves and Joan Fenton-White. She’s feeling more and more like a monster, she’s at 3rd level, having skipped second level, and she was great.! She’s eight now, it took her a while to mature, just like her mom, Rosa Cha W – they’re a little spicy, those mares, but I think she’s come good!

In the same class I had Jouloua who’s also a homebred. She’s for sale and definitely has FEI potential. She has really easy changes, but I made a mistake on a change so she placed 3rd. It was still great because it was only her second time at 3rd level and she’s a very impressive horse.

Electric Girl is a sales horse, she’s a gray and is beautiful first of all, and it was her first recognized show and she was second on a 71%. She’d be a great amateur horse, she’s always the same, at home or at the shows.

Benefactor RRS, Melinda and Larry’s homebred is still a little green at PSG but he was a trooper. He tries very hard and finished third in a pretty big class.


I had my Wellington partners going for the first time in the FEI Young Horse classes on Sunday. For a young horse to go into those classes early in the year is pretty tough! Electric is only five and the test has counter canter and simple changes, and he’s still very green and needs more strength, but he impressed me nonetheless and scored 76%. I entered him and Jada in the CDI in Florida, it’s exciting to be going big time with them! It was a good outing before we leave.

Jada was incredible this weekend, she impressed me very much. She did the six year old classes. There are four changes, and pretty much the same trot work as in the PSG, it’s a lot to ask. Jada is a lot like Rosa, she gives 150%. She did four clean flying changes and her trot work was incredible. She scored 78%. She’s a full sister to Jouloua.

In the same class we had Jax, and Harley rode him; he’s owned by Joan Fenton as well. He’s a little greener than Jada but also six years old. Harley’s green and Jax is green but they still came out with 72%, so that’s really good.

Devon rode Duvent in the PSG for the second time yesterday; Duvent got a little excited at times but Devon handled it well, I think this will make her a very good rider, because he can be challenging and she handled it very well. They finished second in the PSG.

Helle Goodrich rode Fuerst Rubin in the Third Level; this was only her second time at third level and she’s a beautiful rider. She’s very tough on herself, but she did a great job. She made a few green riders mistakes and finished with 66% and 67%, finishing second in both tests. I think they have a huge future together. She also rode her Thoroughbred Ringo in Training level. I think they won the Training level test with Ringo, who’s an event horse of that Boyd rides and that she keeps going in the dressage. Boyd will enjoy that dressage training when he goes eventing later in the season.

Complete results are available at Search for “Dressage at Bruce’s Field”

Helle and Harley are coming with me to Florida tomorrow and we’ll be there for three weeks. We’re showing at the AGDF this coming weekend and then the two following weekends, and I’ll also do the CDI at the Palm Beach Derby. We’re taking Jada (6), Electric (5), (owned by four people), Electric Girl (training level, owned by Jessey Ebzery) (Electric and Electric Girl are brother and sister). Jax is going for Harley, and Helle’s two are going, too. We can’t wait to enjoy the shows and atmosphere of Wellington!



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