Windurra Revving Up for Great Meadow International

This weekend we are shipping the horses down to The Plains, Virginia to take part in the MARS Great Meadow International.  This should be a good competition that will be a step up in class for a number of these ‘up and coming’ horses.
Contaro: The first 2-star for Contaro.  I am looking forward to riding this guy at a competition for the first time. He should be very competitive.
Maya:  The first 3-star for for Maya. She will be green in the dressage, but should jump around well. I probably won’t go for the time as this is a building event for her.
Carlsburg:  Like Maya, it’s his first 3-star. He will be green in all three phases but should go very well. I might take my time cross country.
Ringo: Another green horse making his 3-star debut. He is feeling good.  It’s nice to have a top class American Thoroughbred coming through in the string.
Bonito: It’s great to have Bonito back in the game after a layoff. He has never felt better.  I plan to look after his legs and just coast him around on Sunday.
Contestor: I will be giving Cortez a nice easy run at this level after coming back from his dressage boot camp. If he is in the mix after dressage I will let him run on a bit on cross-country as he should be very seasoned at this level.


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