Working Student Spotlight – Emily van Gemeren

NAME: Emily van Gemeren
DOB: July 4, 1989
JOB DESCRIPTION: Working Student

Photo credit Shannon Brinkman 

Emily grew up on a horse farm in Connecticut and has been working with and riding horses for sixteen years. She began her eventing career at age 10 on a one-eyed Appaloosa pony when she started training with four-star rider Jennie Goebel Tucker.

While maintaining an active eventing competition schedule, Emily also rode for her high school’s Equitation team with coach Rick Caldwell for four years as well as for the Dartmouth College Dressage Team for two years with coach Lindle Sutton.

Emily came to Windurra for 3 months as a working student in 2009 during an off-term from Dartmouth College. Following her graduation in 2011, she has returned to Windurra to train, compete, and work until she starts graduate school (that is the plan for now, anyways!).

Her current competition horse is an Irish Sport Horse called Berkley. She began riding him in 2009 during her time at Windurra, and since then they have developed a special partnership, moving up to the Intermediate level at the end of 2010. In 2011, they successfully completed the Fair Hill International CCI** and plan to move up to Advanced this spring.

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  1. Are you sure going to grad school is a good idea?

  2. She looks like a beautiful rider. And kudos for riding in college, it’s a hard balance but definitely worth it. If she can afford grad school and riding, more power to her, I am jealous but think its awesome.

  3. Are you going to post Neville’s New York Times front page article?

  4. Let’s be realistic. Emily is 22&1/2. At that age, Boyd had already won a CCI****. Unless Emily is independently wealthy, what are her choices if she wants to maintain her upper middle class live style? (She and her siblings attended Cobb School, an expensive private school in CT.) I think it is terrific that she gets to enjoy a meaningful experience working for Boyd while weighting her options. Not a bad deal in this bad economy, but making it as an eventer is extremely difficult. If she tries, I hope she proves me wrong.

  5. From someone that’s known her for several years I can assure you that if anyone can succeed in this lifestyle mixed with eventing and grad school, it is her.

  6. I totally agree. Emily is an amazing person an will succeed no matter what path she decides to choose

  7. I take your word about Emily being amazing. But I have known a large number of successful grad students and also a large number of successful eventers. I just do not know of anyone who is both. If you know of anyone (who has succeeded in both grad school and upper level eventing simultaneously) it will be helpful to me (and perhaps Emily) to know who s/he is.

  8. Emily van Gemeren and Devon Seely prove that gender is not a hindrance in achieving your goals. Lucy Burns and Rosa Parks must be so proud of what these two female equestrians have become. Sooner or later, when Emily graduates, she’ll be having her own business. I wonder what it will be. A CP Equestrian Centre wouldn’t be bad. 😛

  9. I think it is exciting what this obviously talented & capable young lady is accomplishing. Hateful jealous comments are full of
    negativity. Why not be inspired or congratulate her hard work & success. So many aspire to mediocrity & getting by. I salute her spirit, drive, & work ethic. Much can be accomplished with will & passion as well as a positive attitude. Don’t go thru life with an ugly soul it will kill you!

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