World Class Grooming with Emma Ford

The past few years I have brought in top eventing groom Emma Ford to spend a couple hours with all of the staff and go over the grooming of all of the horses. Emma, who along with Cat Hill authored the book World Class Grooming and offers seminars on grooming, has traveled to three Olympic Games with Phillip Dutton and is very particular with the car of the horses.  She is also good mates with my head girl Sidney.  It’s always good bringing outside people to look over how things are done in our operation.
A couple of days ago we had a great session with Emma here at Stable View Farm in Aiken, SC. To start with, Emma went over exactly how each horse needs to be groomed every day. She focused closely on how to treat some of the skin problems we have in the winter with the sand here in the South. She also spent quite a lot of time going over how to properly bandage the horses’ legs. My head groom Sidney Baughman was also there making sure all of the staff were concentrating on all of the details. We are making a big push with the Windurra event horses to ensure that our horse care is top notch.
Below is some quick video of the session . Emma will be back in two weeks to do another training session with our team.
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