Young Event Horse Update from Caitlin

Boyd’s assistant riders Caitlin Silliman and Sara Gumbiner took the young horses out to Bucks County horse trials over the weekend. Here’s an update from Caitlin:

Sara rode her horse Polaris (Larry) and they won training on their dressage score. This was exciting for Sara because it was her first training on Larry. She also rode Working Draft, one of Boyd’s sales horses, who finished 2nd in Open Novice on his dressage score, which is exciting because it was his first event with us so far.

Caitlin rode Bru (owned by Manny Diemer) and won Novice; with Rondo (owned by Ron and Densey Juvonen) she was third; Sophia Fab (owned by Laurie Cameron) was fourth in her first novice and only her third event.

The event ended up being a combined test because cross-country got rained out. They refunded $20 of the entry fees and gave us a free schooling to make up for XC being canceled. It was actually pretty dry, but if they’d run that many horses the ground would probably have been destroyed!

It was Bru’s first win at Novice and he’s going home to Manny to be a foxhunter soon. Rondo is really quiet and did really well. He’s from Saudi Arabia; he was the king’s horse and he was a really expensive racehorse who’s really well-bred and ran well in two races but then just stopped running, so they gave him away! I don’t know what he did between there and coming here. He’s a tiny little bay horse, sweet as can be, and a really athletic jumper. Between Silva and her dressage girls his dressage has improved and now he’s come to us for some jump training. Boyd’s entered on him at Flora Lea in two weeks.

I’m also excited to have just purchased a young horse by Lux Z that I found through Carol Gee when we visited Lil in Ireland last month. He’s done a little bit of intro stuff and will be a nice project for me while Star is growing her hair back.


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